As a data expert allied to our editorial content colleagues at Autosport Media, Motorsport Stats supports client requirements in the media, book-making, broadcast, and sports promotion industries with sector-specific products and services designed to drive engagement

Media Owners

For all manner of media owners, our unparalleled array of motorsport data tied to our house primary source journalists, trackside photographers and videographers makes us the go-to choice for comprehensive motorsport coverage.

Our portfolio spans classified results, live timing, analytics, data visualisation & infographics and surveying & polling as well as still and moving image, news and feature, live stream/webcast & OTT and broadcast solutions from allied Network businesses. Our extensive range of data products are outlined here.

Matched to our capacity to break stories and lead opinion in Formula One as much as MotoGP and our coverage span from WEC to NASCAR enables Motorsport Stats’ data services to be set in a wider editorial context.

And If our scope is impressive, our localisation capability is certainly unmatched. Want your stats stories in Russian and your video in Arabic? No problem. Motorsport Network operates in multiple languages, with in-market native translation across Europe, the BRICs and many languages beyond

Our data + editorial approach gives our content a unique analytic dimension that gets beyond the usual linear approach to reporting


Motorsport Stats’ unparalleled data archive together with our in-game results feeds allows us to underpin our clients’ customer acquisition for betting and all forms of gaming

Our betting services span both customer engagement and trading solutions for sportsbooks. We’re the power behind the class-leading Pit Stop Betting mobile application that is revolutionising motorsport betting.

Aligned to our capability to underpin odds compilation and game scenarios with 100% accuracy is the capability to bring an audience to your betting or gameplay. With the largest qualified motorsport & motoring audience in the world, our ability to refer and build custom for all forms of transactional and brand-building engagement in motor racing is unsurpassed.


As a broadcaster in our own right, we understand the business from the inside out

Our solutions for both host production providers and broadcasters covering motorsport range from analytics rendered as in-vision graphics to providing commentary teams with real-time and offline research and punditry insights

Our in-vision graphics for both television and second screen integrate our data with market-leading broadcast graphic tools including VizRT to enable us to supply fast, smooth, multi-layered graphics in high-definition

For pundits and commentary teams, our exception-led approach to analytics provides the fastest access to the stories that lie behind the scoreline with regular daily updates from event preview to review

As part of, we are also able to provide distribution services across a traditional HD broadcast footprint and the world’s largest platform for web-based streamed video

Teams, Promoters & Federations

We curate historical archives and add new racing results to provide a one-stop record-keeping solution for teams, federations and promoters

Our three-part service – data collection, DB curation and front-end results websites and plug-ins provide a modular set of services that removes the burden of continuous administration of this essential undertaking

Motorsport Stats provide all results services for leading international championships such as the ABB FIA Formula E and international federations via these turnkey services

From the field of play to the palm
of the hand

With our joint venture partnership with Playing Surface, we have the capacity to unify two key promoter assets – your data and timing and your social audiences through an industry-leading social + data publishing platform