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McLaren reveals its 10 upgrades for F1's Spanish GP
By: Jonathan Noble
May 20, 2022 at 11:30 AM
by: motorsport network
Formula One

McLaren had been coy about the scale of its upgrades for Formula 1’s Spanish Grand Prix, but the scope of its overhaul has become clear in official FIA documents.

As part of new procedures for the 2022 F1 season, teams have to notify the FIA of any major new components that are going to be run at each race weekend.

McLaren’s submissions ahead of opening free practice have revealed a range of changes that impact both the aerodynamics and the brake ducts which caused it some headaches at the start of the season.

Here is a run through of the ten changes that McLaren has made to its MCL36 for the Barcelona weekend.

  1. Front wing flap: A new front wing flap which allows a larger aero balance range. This includes different options of Gurney flap to match aero balance requirements.

2. Revised pairing on front suspension: Modified to integrate with a revised front brake duct face and inlet geometry.

3. Front brake duct: New shape to improve aerodynamic efficiency and new internals to improve brake cooling efficiency.

4. Floor: Revised floor fences and edges as part of aero overhaul to help increase overall car downforce.

5. Sidepods: New sidepods developed in conjunction with new floor to help improve downforce.

6. Louvres. New louvres to work in conjunction with sidepods and to prepare for expected high ambient temperatures in Barcelona.

7. Rear wing. New high downforce rear wing aimed for Barcelona demands and will also be suitable for venues like Monaco.

8. Rear brake duct winglet. A previously raced alteration to the rear brake duct lower winglet geometry aimed to work better with new floor.

9. Sidepod strake. One of the cockpit strakes has been removed to help improve driver visibility, especially as they approach corner apexes.

10. Diffuser. A new design of centre diffuser package to help stuff airflow around the central area.