Motorsport Stats holds the world’s largest repository of motorsport data and every season, we collect, organise and store results from around 3,000 races, rallies and other forms of motorsport competition

With an unrivalled dataset founded on low latency and high accuracy, we serve data to a wide variety of clients for multiple applications, from broadcast invision to betting odds compilation


years of data


races covered every year


driver records


million data points

Our data is supplied to clients both in industry-standard feeds from XML and JSON or exposed through the MSS API. As well as supply raw data forms, MSS has a portfolio of web-based data products including our Race Centre Live, analysis dashboards, widgets and mobile apps

We have data collection teams operating in four time zones around the world to ensure contiguous and uninterrupted aggregation, processing and validation of motorsport results. Our collection teams are supported by our analysts who derive narrative from raw data, script algorithms and lead Motorsport Stats’ data visualisations. Finally, our international sales team produces data products to fit client briefs and secure commercial partners for rights owners

Our data capability includes:


Classified results collection, validation and curation


Low latency, high accuracy live data feeds


Event, session and stage calendar data


Predictive analytics and algorithm development



Motorsport Results

Motorsport Stats’ underlying DB is a gold standard in the world of motorsport results and is the world’s largest and most accurate motorsport intelligence repository, containing a number of data collections, including Forix

Every season, we collect, sort and store the results from almost 3,000 races, rallies and other motorsport events to create the most comprehensive motorsport database in the world

We pride ourselves on two qualities – timeliness and accuracy – and we assiduously apply these values to the 500 championships, 62,000 driver records and 3.9 million timed sessions we store at MSS DB

Motorsport Stats provides a range of services to media owners, federations and book-makers, from the supply of classified results feeds to complete integrated database solutions and detailed research and analysis of driver and team performance for the industry


Motorsport Stats’ Formula One widget suite is a turnkey solution for website and mobile application owners seeking engaging news, information and analysis content that enhances dwell time and stimulates return visits

The widget suite consists of nine widgets
grouped into 3 broad categories:

The information and results widgets provide a season calendar with local session times, race results with driver biographical information and championship tables with team and driver profiles. This widget set allows media owners to provide a basic, calendarised set of reference and results functions

The second widget set provides a deeper level of content and interactivity for the engaged fan with an array of user-selectable visualised data analytics

The final widget category is news content, with a feed that provides ten motorsport news stories per day each illustrated with semantically-relevant news photography from LAT Images

For more information about our widget suite,
please click here to download the latest specification card


Motorsport Stats offers a wide variety of automated feeds to support client requirements for high accuracy, low latency results – whether in-game live data or post-event classified results

Our API solutions include both a Motorsport API (PULL) to support consumption across multiple content types from classified racing results, motorsport stats & analytics to supporting editorial and video material as well as a Motorsport Real-time API (PUSH) to allow clients to subscribe to channels for real-time event updates via web, widget and mobile application

Our feed solutions support a number of protocols from XML to JSON that feed media owners, odds compliers and support federations with their delivery, storage and syndication of racing results

Our API and data feeds spans all major national and international series from MotoGP to NASCAR and supports industry web standards for data delivery including RESTful API delivering XML or JSON formatted data with utilizes simple key management to provide tiered access to different data, content and different motorsport championships

Data Visualisation

Our data visualisation spans Vizrt for invision use in broadcast to automated .svg file generation from live racing data to offline infographics

The capacity to inform and unpick complex motorsport narratives through the use of carefully considered visualisations to assist consumer audiences is a hallmark of Motorsport Stats’ work